As Apple Certified Macintosh Technicians we can offer a full range of repairs and upgrades as well as regular service agreements. We can offer help and guidance on your Apple products, whether you are thinking of buying a Mac and you need help making the change or you are a seasoned user and need your current Macintosh Machine repairing or upgrading.
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Hardware Upgrades

In most cases, buying a machine is not necessary, usually by adding more memory or increasing your hard drive capacity we can transform your Desktop or Laptop at a fraction of the cost of buying a new Mac. If you upgrade your hard drive we can transfer your personal data to the new piece of hardware.


There may come a time when your machine will fail, We will quickly diagnose the fault and advise you on the repair needed, we know that most users rely on their Macs, we are committed to repairing your machine efficiently and to the highest possible standards.

Software installation and Upgrades

We appreciate that from time to time you may need to upgrade or replace the software you are using on your machine, we can assist you in installing and setting up your new software either in our office or in the comfort of your own home.

Data recovery

Most computer users now back up their data regularly however there are times when a hard drive fails and valuable data is lost. We offer a software based recovery solution to recover your lost files.
Why not reduce the risk by booking your machine for a service, we will check your computer for faulty or failing components


Do you have a list of irritating things your computer won't do, or things you've got stuck with? Or perhaps you've just acquired a new computer and it just isn't the same as the old one? People often want to know how to use email, how to organise their photos, how to use the internet.  I help complete beginners who have never used a computer before, and I help people with iPads too. For further info please contact Judy Dendy on 07554 660468 or visit her website